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Although Elaine had contacted me about a year ago for her wedding, I finally got to meet her and Greg this past winter. She had sent me a lot of the details in the regards to the who, where, and how... but meeting in person is always a request of mine to personally get to know a couple. How they met, a little bit about who they are and where they are from came out in their meeting; most importantly though was getting to know their personalities. We discussed the family who would be there, the details of the ceremony... and Elaine through her description of the everything helped me visualize the photography aspect. More from a how to tell their story perspective, than anything else. And even though the venue changed, I still from this first meeting got a little taste of who they were as a couple. At our second meeting, at the new venue, we went more into detail about the shots that they really wanted of their day. And, of course, bounced some ideas off one another for the dress and ring shot.

As sometimes happens, things changed a bit. With the weather being overcast on the actual wedding day, the clouds hovered over the Flatirons in the distance. Which actually set a mellow tone for the day. The rings still photographed how we had envisioned; the dress though a different matter. I had already photographed the dress elsewhere when Elaine returned it to her changing room and left to greet her "biologicals." And as I walked through the room, the dress... on a coat rack with the sun pouring through the large windows caught my eye. That was the shot. Timeless. Elegant. As the Reverend arrived, he greeted Greg, and the two of them waited patiently in the hallway; Elaine getting ready with the help of her daughter. But the time had come, and Elaine propped open the door to her room, ready to approach Greg for their 'first look' shot.

With everyone else gathered outside, the two of them took a moment to watch their families gather, moments before the two would officially become one. The Wedding in it's entirety really reflected these two individuals. Elegant (with maybe a touch of 'garden party'), modest, intimate... and utilizing an incredible view. For the mass and readings portions of their ceremony they sat next to one another, smiles gleaming... holding each other's hands. And when it came time to take their vows, the look in their faces, and smiles towards each other was unmistakable to two people in love. We had discussed the formals, but I never mentioned the 'crazy pose' ones. So it was a little bit of a surprise to the ladies when I asked. But they got into it, and had fun. And it was almost like an icebreaker to get them a little more relaxed for the rest of the shots. I've been very fortunate to get to work with some incredible people, Elaine and Greg no exception. It truly was an honor to get to meet and work with them, and I hope their future together is full of happy days, making lasting memories.

Congratulations Elaine & Greg!

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