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Relatively new to Colorado, Krista contacted me about wanted her family's first portrait session in Colorado. With the family's busy schedule, we were finally able to lock down a day; next was to find a location that suited what she wanted for her family portrait session. "Lots of trees" was suggested to me a couple of times; relatively easy here in Colorado for Photography. But when I mentioned Red Rocks, she also wanted some family photos there as well. "Maybe next year," she said. Well I suggested some places, but wanted Krista to have the photos she wanted… and not wait until next year. So Red Rocks it was.

Even with a concert at the amphitheater that day, we met in another area of Red Rocks Park away from the masses, and the steady stream of those entering for the show. As I often do, I got there extra early to walk to the area I envisioned, and got some last minute ideas with the wildflowers that were blooming. When Krista and her family arrived, we talked for a few minutes; some introductions to her husband and daughter's… then some ideas as to what I planned for the portrait session. It was in those few minutes that I got a better feel for the whole family, and how to tell their story… bring out their personalities in photos.

Krista had given me a list of what she wanted from her portrait session, picture wise; and at each location we walked to I was able to work with them to achieve her goals… and even get some quick candid shots of the girls being themselves.

Red Rocks being an iconic Colorado location made for a great session for her family. Amber grass swayed in the gentle breezes, and wildflowers added a great touch of color to truly make this family portrait session unique.

Family Portraits

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