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Although I started in Landscape and Nature photography utilizing natural light, I began gravitating towards portraiture & wedding photography in 2005. I personally love to use the natural backdrops that Mother Nature provides, both here in Colorado and my second home on the coast of North Carolina. So for my portraiture clients, I enjoy getting to know them… and work to make their photos creative… and about them. Just as music creates a soundtrack to our lives, I think photography also creates a visual narrative that serves to tell one’s story.

I guess I could say it all started at a neighbor's garage sale when I was about 10 years old; where I had found a Kodak Instamatic 104 in a box of mismatched items. Back then I used my weekly allowance on the film, developing, and the occasional flashcube when I would go with my mom to the store each week; getting to open those envelopes to see my photos was always quite rewarding. As that camera was outdated before I even picked it up… my mom saw my enjoyment of photography and took me to a store to buy my first 35mm camera. And my right index finger has been pushing that shutter release ever since.

Born in Arizona, my family moved to Colorado when I was three. And even though I was raised in Colorado I don’t think I truly ever fully appreciated this state until 2008. It was that year that I decided it was time to move back to Colorado from living in Atlanta, Georgia for over a decade. Atlanta was a great place to live and grow, but I knew it was time to return to the home I had always known. Over the years I've been fortunate enough to follow my passions of fine wine ("retired" Sommelier), writing… and of course photography. My cameras are at my side as often as my dogs, exploring nature’s wonders and seeing in the everyday that which most people look past.

Interesting facts about me...

I love the outdoors!  

I've played musical instruments since 4th grade: saxophone, clarinet, french horn & bassoon to name a few.  So my musical interests vary greatly; everything from Classic Rock, Jazz & Classical, to the 80's Invasion Pop music.  

I have been skiing since I was 7 years old... love moguls and back-country skiing.  I even have worked at a few resorts including Steamboat Springs (my favorite).

I have two amazing dogs.  A Weimaraner that I rescued in 2005 named Cloe, and a young Dudley Red Fox Labrador named Eaghonn.   They are about as spoiled rotten as it gets... aren't most dogs!?  

I'm a "retired Sommelier," if you will.  And still love a good glass of wine, and love to cook.  My Grandmother taught me everything she knew and even gave me most of my cast iron (which I've had to explain to a TSA agent once (funny story, ask me about it).

I really enjoy kayaking as well.  I learned about a decade ago on the coast of North Carolina, where my family still has a cottage my great grandfather purchased years ago (it was built in 1906).  I started kayaking in Colorado about 6 years ago, but no whitewater... just peaceful paddling on some of the state's reservoirs and lakes.   

I've been researching my family genealogy for over 20 years now.  I've not only learned a lot about my family and it's roots... but have uncovered some interesting and kind of "juicy" stories.

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