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Getting to work with Emma and Brendan for their Engagement Session was in itself a pleasure, and a lot of fun. But for them it was also a warm up (if you will) to their upcoming Wedding and Reception in Boulder, Colorado.

Over a cup of coffee at our first wedding consultation, we got to know one another a little, as well as take a look at my portfolio… giving them the opportunity to see how I've told the stories of past clients through my photography. Emma was hoping for snow, and while it might not have been a snowy day… there was at least a little on the ground when we met at Chautauqua Park in Boulder for the first segment of their Engagement Session.

We had coordinated meeting at a few locations; offering them the ability to not just utilize a couple of the amazing locations around Boulder, but also change outfits between locations… and of course, have their dogs with them for the first segment. At Chautauqua Park, we had the expected amazing backdrop of the Boulder Flatirons with grassy meadows that still had evidence of the last snowfall. And Emma and Brendan's choice of attire couldn't have been more perfect as it not only reflected who they are, but worked amazingly well for this location.

With a few minutes of posing advice before we actually began, I could already see the two of them getting more comfortable with the session. After all, it's not about me… it's their story, and I'm just there to capture it. As we moved on from Chautauqua, a friend of theirs met them to take care of the dogs; Brendan and I had the opportunity to talk a little more as Emma ran inside for a quick outfit change. Then we were off for Part 2 of the Engagement Session.

Without the dogs, this segment of their session was a little more about just the two of them; the connection they share with one another. And by this time (even with the colder weather) the two of them became extremely comfortable, and just naturals in front of the camera. It goes without saying that I'm so happy to have gotten to work with them for the Engagement Session… but am very excited and looking forward to their upcoming Wedding as well.

Boulder Engagement Session

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