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Katelyn contacted me about wanting some family photos of her family; her whole family… as a gift for her Mother. With family throughout the Front Range, we decided to meet in Golden as it was somewhat central to everyone, and a great area for all the kids. I had forgotten about the chicken coup, until I heard a young voice shout "Look, mom… chickens!" But with an array of wildflowers and the summer grass turning amber, the location in Golden was perfect for her family, and their more laid back style.

We all met at the old school house and had a quick pow-wow of introductions, as well as the ideas I had come up with for their family portrait session. Just as Katelyn had told me, the entire family was laid back, and everyone seemed very at ease… so no need that day for impromptu "hokey-pokey" dances to get anyone loosened up. And the family took my lead on outfits, color coordinating each separate family, which really worked well for this large family and the goals of the portraits they wanted.

The kids really were the star of the show that day, and the best shots are the ones where they just got to be themselves. Of course, the youngest had so many different and fun expressions… that it was hard to break from him. I know how quickly they grow, and every moment at that age is something parents cherish.

What a fun afternoon though with this family. I am so grateful to have gotten to work with them and tell their story through photographs.

Family Photos in Golden, Colorado

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